• EMT/EMS/Safety Scissors/Shears

Stainless steel all-black EMT shears,

The go-to tool for cutting rope, these strong scissors will cut through just about anything, used my emergency medical workers to cut through clothing including belts, boots, seatbelts etc. we use them for cutting ropes both routinely and in an emergency.

These have a lip on the tip for working the lower-blade under tight ropes, the lower blade is also serrated which aids both grip and cutting tougher objects, the upper blade is a sharp blade, the design is angled so the handles are away from the body when cutting ropes from a person and the plastic grips make them comfortable to use.

Already included in many of our kits, these are the essential item you should always have around, our advice is to have one with you, clipped to a belt or in a pocket, whenever you are tying and another on or by your rope bag where others present can see it easily.

EMT/EMS/Safety Scissors/Shears

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