• 10 Metres 6mm Hempex

10 metres of 6mm Hempex (synthetic hemp) Rope

Rope Types
  • Hempex is a lightweight synthetic rope that looks like Hemp, much easier to look after, just wash and hang to dry.
  • Hemp is the traditional choice, a natural-fibre rope that looks great but needs to be stretched then oiled after washing.
  • SuperSoft Hemp is hemp that has been softened much further than the standard hemp, giving a much softer rope.
  • Cotton (white) is a popular rope due to it's softness and ease of care, wash as-for cotton clothing. Natural fibre but doesn't need oiling.
Rope Thickness
  • 4mm is sometimes used for detail work, we have a really nice 4mm hemp normally in-stock, can look amazing in decorative work but too thin for most preferences.
  • 6mm is the most popular thickness, that's what you will normally see on japanese-style bondage.
  • 8mm is more common in western bondage, looks better on men or larger ladies due to the slightly thicker rope.
  • 10mm+ is rarely used due to the thickness and weight, but we can special-order it.
Rope Lengths

  • 1m is normally only used for very simple ties such as CBB/CBT
  • 2.5m is for limb-ties such as a cuff-tie on a wrist or ankle, simple ties for tying wrists or ankles together, and short extensions.
  • 5m is for more extensive limb-ties, simple body-ties such as a crotchrope, and extensions to bigger tie.
  • 7.5m is the more traditional length for japanese bondage, often a little short for full-body ties but commonly extended with multiple lengths in one tie.
  • 10m is the standard length for most body-ties such as a karada or a harness on the upper-torso or pelvis areas.
  • 15m is the longest you'd normally use, for compex ties using a single rope for neatness or full-body ties on a larger body.
  • >15m is normally too long for practical use as it takes so long to pull-through but we can arrange any length up-to 220m for most ropes.

10 Metres 6mm Hempex

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