This listing is to enable orders for custom-dyed ropes to be placed.

  1. Add the ropes you would like dyed to your cart, choosing from 4mm Hemp6mm Hemp, 8mm Hemp, 6mm Cotton or 8mm Cotton.
  2. Choose your colour.
  3. Select the appropriate length option for the rope thickness.
  4. If you would like different ropes with different colours, complete the above process for each colour and add a note to your order clarifying how much of which ropes you'd like in which colour,
    for example: "2x10m 6mm Hemp in Tulip Red & 2x15m 8mm Cotton in Velvet Black".

We've added some photos of some of our dyed ropes, not taken in ideal or consistent conditions but hopefully a rough guide to the resulting colours.

Please note:

  • Only Cotton & Hemp ropes can by dyed, we don't dye synthetic ropes.
  • It takes around 1 week to dye a batch of ropes, sometimes a little quicker in the summer, then normal shipping times apply.
  • Ropes dyed in different batches may not be an exact colour match.
  • Cotton and Hemp dyed together or separately won't colour match.
  • We can add a jute bag to your dyed rope order but it won't colour match hemp or cotton ropes.

  • If you would like to try dying ropes you have already purchased, this is how we'd suggest you do it:

    1. Weigh your ropes dry and buy Dylon Machine Dye as-per the weights on the box.
    2. Loosely coil your ropes in a laundry bag and wash at 40c in a normal cycle (not a fast or eco cycle), with detergent but no conditioner/softener, medium spin speed.
    3. Add the dye to the washing machine as-per instructions (plus salt if not included with the dye) and run another 40c cycle, medium spin speed (or as instructions for different dye).
    4. Run another 40c cycle with detergent (and softener for cotton ropes), medium or fast spin speed.
    5. Remove the ropes from the machine and form the laundry bags and uncoil them, then run through your hands from end-to-end stretching it as you go (you may want to wear gloves for this as it's hard on your skin).
    6. Loosely coil the ropes to air-dry, looped over an open interior door works well, it may take several days to dry completely.
    7. Using soapy water and a gentle scrubbing pad clean any visible staining in your washing machine drum and remove any visible clumps of fibers.
    8. Run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine with a washing machine cleaning/servicing solution/product.
    9. Drain the sump of your washing machine then remove and clean the filter, your machine should now be safe to use for clothing again.
    10. Once dry, cotton ropes can be stretched again then coiled and stored, hemp ropes need to be oiled at this stage, use the oil of your choice, we use a blend of Hemp Oil and Mineral Oil in a spray bottle, work the oil into the rope running from end to end stretching as you go, then coil and store.
    11. The process requires running your washing machine for 6 to 8 hours plus the service-cycle (2-3 hours usually). Ropes should be dry within a week, depending on temperature and humidity (in the UK our ropes typically dry in 2-3 days in the summer and 3-5 days in the winter).

    Rope Types
    • Hempex is a lightweight synthetic rope that looks like Hemp, much easier to look after, just wash and hang to dry.
    • Hemp is the traditional choice, a natural-fibre rope that looks great but needs to be stretched then oiled after washing.
    • SuperSoft Hemp is our 6mm hemp that has been softened much further than the standard hemp, giving a much softer rope.
    • Cotton (white) is a popular rope due to it's softness and ease of care, wash as-for cotton clothing. Natural fibre but doesn't need oiling.
    Rope Thickness
    • 4mm is sometimes used for detail work, we have a really nice 4mm hemp normally in-stock, can look amazing in decorative work but too thin for most preferences.
    • 6mm is the most popular thickness, that's what you will normally see on japanese-style bondage.
    • 8mm is more common in western bondage, looks better on men or larger ladies due to the slightly thicker rope.
    • 10mm+ is rarely used due to the thickness and weight, but we can special-order it.
    Rope Lengths
    • 1m is normally only used for very simple ties such as CBB/CBT
    • 2.5m is for limb-ties such as a cuff-tie on a wrist or ankle, simple ties for tying wrists or ankles together, and short extensions.
    • 5m is for more extensive limb-ties, simple body-ties such as a crotchrope, and extensions to bigger tie.
    • 7.5m is the more traditional length for japanese bondage, often a little short for full-body ties but commonly extended with multiple lengths in one tie.
    • 10m is the standard length for most body-ties such as a karada or a harness on the upper-torso or pelvis areas.
    • 15m is the longest you'd normally use, for compex ties using a single rope for neatness or full-body ties on a larger body.
    • >15m is normally too long for practical use as it takes so long to pull-through but we can arrange any length up-to 220m for most ropes.

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