Rope Care

Rope Care
  • Rope should be stored around room temperature (though they tolerate temperatures well for storage), in a dry area and out of direct sunlight.
  • Rope used on only one person doesn't need to be washed until it's obviously dirty.
  • Rope used on different people should be washed between uses on different people.
  • Rope soiled with blood should be discarded.
  • To wash, loosely coil ropes (or tie into a chain sinnet) and place in laundry bags, (you can use an old pillowcase instead).
  • You can use your normal laundry detergent and wash in a washing machine as you would for clothes.
  • Synthetic rope should be washed on a cool 'synthetics' cycle.
  • Cotton rope can be washed on a 'cottons' cycle but higher temperatures can cause shrinkage and tightening so we recommend 30c/40c 'cool' wash.
  • Hemp rope can be washed at higher temperatures, up to 90c, but it isn't necessary.
  • Cotton and Hemp rope should be stretched before drying, and again when dry, before storing.
  • Hemp rope may need to be dried under tension or stretched by hand again during and after drying.
  • All rope should be air-dryed, I place a 'radiator rack' on a door top and loosely long-coil the ropes on that.
  • Synthetic ropes normally dry very quickly, often overnight. Cotton and hemp may take a few days, depending on temperature and humidity.
  • Once dry, Hemp (and Jute) ropes need to be oiled, I use a blend of Hemp Oil and Mineral Oil. Hemp massage grade oil is easily available, as is refined mineral oil as 'baby oil', other oils can be used as per personal preference but avoid food-grade oils as they may 'go off'
  • We recommend either of these two ways to apply the oil:
      Loosely coiling the rope in a bathtub then spraying the oil with a spray bottle is an effective way to apply the oil, then run the rope through your hands from end-to-end to work-in the oil, then clean the oil from the bathtub using bathroom cleaner or similar products you probably already have.
      Alternatively you can also add some oil to a cloth or your hands and then run the rope through your hands from end-to-end, it doesn't take much oil, you just want it to be very slightly damp, not wet.