I have found that teaching is one of the most rewarding parts of this work.
I usually help complete beginners but I also cover all levels, as well as all reasons, from artistic bondage for professional photography to bedroom-bondage for couples.
Also a frequently asked question; I do teach suspension, but only to people I feel are ready to learn it as the risk of injury multiplies many times when you start applying a load to ties on the body.

Suitable for complete beginners to advanced, including:

  • Basic beginners bondage
  • Erotic restraint for couples
  • Professional bondage for photographers
  • Traditional Japanese style
  • Western decorative bondage
  • Location suspension techniques
  • Decorative breast bondage specialist
  • Decorative male-genital bondage specialist

If you are looking for information about being tied for personal reasons go Here, if you are looking for information about having someone tied for Photography/Videography then look Here.

Since the release and popularity of the 50-shades series many more people are experimenting with bondage as well as exploring related activities and the power exchange inherent with these activities, as well as teaching you how to tie technically and interact physically for best effect I'm also including guidance on related aspects and activity, including but not limited to; creating and maintaining a power exchange, safe practice for pain-related activities and the use of equipment such as canes, crops, floggers, whips, clips, clamps, pegs, weights, gags, blindfolds, insertable objects, sexual violence. In all cases all activities should be entirely consensual and not risk physical or emotional damage, always use common sense, never play under the influence of alcohol or drugs (illicit or prescribed), seek advice and guidance on any activity you are not sure about, there are many experienced people around (such as myself) who will be happy to help with advice and education to keep you safe. As well as including this extra information as part of my bondage tuition I also offer free advice by email 

We are based in Cambridgeshire, central UK, an hour north of London and close to a main train line and main motorway (A1).
Also we can travel to you, anywhere in the UK (additional costs apply).

Contact us to discuss and arrange your tuition session, we specialise in 1-2-1 tuition tailored to your level, experience and area of interest (we teach you what you want/need to learn), our approach is more about teaching you how bondage works so once a beginner has mastered a few ties they can safely go-on to freestyle and make-up their own techniques.

Female practice models are available (additional cost), though we teach bondage on both men and women to both men and women.

The basic fee is £50 per hour and we recommend two hours for a first session. Discounts are available for longer sessions or multiple sessions booked and paid together
(If my rate is genuinely an obstacle to you getting some tuition then I am always happy to discuss a discount or come to some arrangement, I would rather teach someone at a lower rate than have them struggle because they can't afford a normal rate).

Tuition is available almost any time and any day of the week, a couple of weeks notice is normally required but short-notice may be possible.

As you'd expect we have a wide range of ropes available to try, or bring your own, if you don't yet own ropes tuition clients are eligible for a discount in our store.

You can also purchase tuition as a gift or pre-pay here.

Price Guides, beginners tuition, your individual situation may require different pricing structure, but as a guide:
(please note that fees for longer sessions have increased slightly in 2017 (for the first time in many years!), if you have pre-paid for some tuition or received pre-paid tuition as a gift, or if you have booked and confirmed some tuition before the price increase, you will not be charged any extra, the rate at the time of purchase/booking will apply)

Tuition RatesBasic Rate for Singles & CouplesSmall Group Rate (3-10)Practice Model
Per Hour Base Rate£50(+33%) £65
(+£25) £75/£90
2 hours / Beginners Session£100(+33%) £135
(+£50) £150/£185
3 hours£140(+33%) £185
(+£75) £215/£260
2x 3 hours£260(+33%) £345
(+£100) £360/£445
3x 2 hours£260
(+33%) £345
(+£100) £360/£445
6 hour intensive£260
(+33%) £345
(+£100) £360/£445

Tuition is usually carried out at my home in Cambridgeshire PE27, I can also travel to you for which I charge expenses at cost price (£0.35p per mile distance from Cambridgeshire + ~£60 overnight fee for more distant locations. Central London fee is £40 which is cost price for travel into central London (z1-5).

I primarily teach couples and solo clients as I specialise in a tailored 1-2-1 service specific to each client, a female practice model is available if required but for couples a partner is normally used.
I will also teach small groups up-to 10 people in total (5 couples), all couples should be either beginners or novices or at a similar skill level with a very similar interest and direction.

All tuition clients receive a discount for ropes and kits from my store, you will be able to try the different ropes available at your session and I can advise on which kits or combination of ropes would be most suitable for you personally. If your tuition takes place at my home/studio then I can prepare some ropes for you in 15-30 minutes at the end of your tuition (dependant on stock levels, doesn't include supersoft or dyed ropes).

Tuition FAQ's
  • I recommend 2 hours for a first session for beginners, the first 30 minutes or so will be information on ropes and safety before moving on to some ties relevant to your interests/needs, then we can gauge if longer sessions would be suitable for you. I do often teach people for intense courses too, typically 6 hours, many people do really well but for some it can be an overwhelming amount of information to absorb at once.

  • You can bring your own ropes or we'll always have some available, you can also try-out the ropes we sell, (tuition clients get a discount!).

  • The ropes we use and teach with are 6mm or 8mm in lengths of 10m, 5m & 2.5m

  • With notice I can be available on any day of the week and any time of the day, normally 10am to 10pm.

  • I will travel anywhere if costs are covered.

  • I do teach bondage on men as well as women.

  • I will teach suspension if I feel you are ready.

  • When teaching couples we will normally be tying one of you, if you would prefer to use a practice model instead one can be available.

  • Your partner does not have to be naked for us to practice on them, it is easier to be naked except for a pair of knickers/pants (or completely naked for some crotchropes or genital ties) but a loose t-shirt or tight lycra-type top and some loose/thin trousers or shorts is perfectly workable, (please avoid underwired bras). A practice model I supply will be topless or naked. Many ties are much more difficult to properly place and/or keep in place on top of clothing and can be uncomfortable, of course if you are particularly interested in ties to use on-top of clothing I will tailor to that need.

  • Bondage can be safely applied to anyones body, male or female, young or old, large or small, and although a few medical conditions need to be taken into account, very few will prevent bondage, I do specialise in tying people with physical/medical complications.

  • It doesn't matter much if you will be tying a body that's a different shape from my practice models, the principles are always the same, but let me know if her shape is very different so I can inform you of some small differences that may apply, (for example some breast ties only work on breast greater than a certain size/shape and some ties need to be approached differently on less flexible people such as being unable to cross the wrists behind the back). Most bondage is the same on Men and Women too.

  • It's quite possible to teach in any home or hotel room, very little space is required.

  • You can take a few snapshot photos of ties on my practice model for your personal reference, but better quality photos and any photos for publication (uploading anywhere, online = publication) is by prior arrangement and has a higher fee for the practice model, also a release form should be provided. You can take as many photos as you like if we are tying your partner (but please don't upload a photo of a tie I did and claim it as your work, take a photo of the tie when you do it instead).

  • People learn in slightly different ways but the usual way I teach is to demonstrate a tie, explaining as I go, then guide you through that tie a few times until you can complete it without guidance, that tie will then be revisited towards the end of the session with guidance if required. I always recommend practicing the ties you have learnt again within a week, regular practice is the best way to learn.

  • If the cost of tuition feels prohibitive for you then I am always happy to negotiate, there are already discounts for longer sessions but I would prefer to come to an arrangement and be able to teach you than for you to miss-out for financial reasons. Some circumstances would allow you a discount or we could always trade your partner (no, not like that) as I often need practice bodies of different shapes and sizes for trying out ideas.

  • As you might expect, I'm very open to dealing with people with 'alternative' lifestyles and non-conventional identities, so please feel free to be open about your D/s, M/s, D/d, Poly, Gor, (or whatever else) relationship as well as whatever your gender or sexual identity may be, anyone from anywhere in the rich tapestry of humanity is welcome (as long as I don't see any abusive or non-consensual behavior), please feel free to be yourselves.

  • For people who are new to BDSM, kinks and fetishistic activities etc. I am also happy to help, advise and sometimes mentor people as they find their way. While I charge for bondage tuition I give advice and guidance for free. Personally I am a Poly Bi Master & Sadist and have been active in BDSM for my whole adult life, I have had many and varied relationships and tried a very wide range of kinky activities, if you have questions about any aspect of kink, including relationships and activities, I can probably give a qualified answer.

To enquire about tuition or ask any questions email

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I am now also offering an assessment of skills.