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Social Media and on-line presences.

Instagram - BeautifulBondageUK
Daily photos (censored)

Twitter - @RopeBondage
Daily photos (censored) & YouTube Notifications

Facebook - BeautifulBondage
Daily photos (censored) - MarkVarley
Daily photos (uncensored), Videos (uncensored), Blog posts etc.

Photoblog - MarkVarley
Daily photos & archive (uncensored)

Photoblog RSS Feed - MarkVarley
Daily photos (uncensored), bondage and my other work.

Deviantart - BeautifulBondage
Multi-contributor community - MarkVarley
Professional photography portfolio - BeautifulBondage
Professional rope bondage rigger portfolio

500px - BeautifulBondage
OTE: I'm no longer using 500px as I was banned for 'advertising', it seems professional photographers advertising themselves are against their TOS.

Pinterest - BeautifulBondage
Archive of social media photo uploads (censored)

Tumblr - BeautifulBondageUK
Archive of daily social media photo uploads (censored) 

Google+ - BeautifulBondage
YouTube Video Upload Notifications & unlisted video access - MarkVarley
Voluntary support for ongoing video and photo production (non-commercial)

Paypal - BeautifulBondage
Payment gateway

eBay - BeautifulBondage
Official ebay store for

LinkedIn - MarkVarleyPhoto
Personal/professional networking

Vid.Me - BeautifulBondage
Secondary video host

YouTube - BeautifulBondage
Primary video host

Steam - Personal Profile
Gaming community

Nexus - Personal Profile
Game Modding Community