I am now offering a basic assessment of rope bondage skills.

For people who are very new to tying it can be hard to find people to tie, one of the reasons is that it could be potentially dangerous to be tied by a complete novice.
In the past I have been contacted by rope bottoms who have been approached by people I have taught to ask about their abilities, so I have decide to offer some basic assessment, this can't be a guarantee of someones ability or safety and it shouldn't be regarded as an endorsement, but for my normal hourly rate of £50 someone who is new to tying but confident enough in their abilities to be seeking people to practice on, can come for an assessment. This is essentially the same as having been taught by me and if I am confident that you grasp the basics of relevant anatomy, bondage safety, technical rope techniques and tying techniques I will be happy to be approached by anyone you are discussing tying and I'll vouch for your ability.

Please note that this is absolutely not a replacement for a rope bottom's need to ensure their own safety, they should speak to other people who have been tied by them and use your judgement as well as ensure someone knows where you are, who you are with, when they should expect to hear from you and what to do if that doesn't happen.

Also please note that I will only agree to endorse you if I honestly feel you are a safe and competent person to be tied by, paying for an assessment is not a guarantee of acceptance, however I will give you a discount on a first lesson if I feel you need some as well as explaining what I think you need to work on.

Top: If you have previously had tuition or been assessed then you should make a note of the date of your assessment or last tuition with me and share that date with the person you are hoping to tie, it's useful to send me a message if someone is going to be contacting me about you, particularly if they know you by a different name than I do. You should know that I will be honest with them about my opinion of your ability in several relevant areas but if I had any concerns I would have told you at your assessment. Any additional details I have about you such as your real name or address will be strictly confidential and not shared.

Bottom: If you have been asked to contact me by someone you are considering being tied by, you can contact me through this site or email
They should have given you the date they were last taught or assessed by me and you should have their name (either full real name or commonly used online name).
I presume only someone who I have approved would give you this information, as if they failed or were not taught or assessed by me then they're shooting themselves in the foot! they will have agreed for me to be honest with you about their competence in several relevant areas which is all I will discuss with you about them, their privacy will be respected outside of that.
It is important to remember that passing a basic assessment is not a guarantee of safety, they could attempt something that is way beyond their ability or they could be a crazed axe murderer, I can make absolutely no guarantees for your safety, but as part of your own responsibility for your safety speaking to someone who has taught or assessed someones ability with rope should be helpful, also consider talking to people they've tied / played with before, you should also trust your instinct and take all normal precautions.

Both: Should remember that safety is the most important aspect, closely followed by having a good time, use your best judgement when trying something new and don't get complacent when doing something you've already done ten times before. Discuss what you are going to do in a session before it happens, immediately communicate any concerns or problems. If you are the kind of rope-bottom who is very vulnerable when tied (by which mean willing to do things you'd later deeply regret or have an inability to say 'no', rather than the inherent vulnerability of being tied up!) then be extra careful and be doubly sure that your top knows your limits and won't cross them, and Top's remember that you have a responsibility to look after the person you have tied, from the moment the rope goes on until the moment they are released & returned to a normal mental/emotional state. Now get the rope out and have some fun!

Finally if you're really not sure about your potential top, or you can't get your potential bottom to be entirely comfortable, you could consider a chaperoned first-session where I am present but not involved, just keeping an eye on the bottoms safety and wellbeing and the top's safe practice. I won't be interfering or critiquing what you do but I will step-in if I see something genuinely dangerous (or non-consensual). My normal hourly-rate for this is negotiable (plus costs), I just want to do everything I can to enable people to enjoy bondage!

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