Some information, background, and advice, regarding copyright, my work, using, posting and reposting.

The single most important point is, if I created something, it belongs to me, completely, wholly, totally.

If someone takes one of my images or videos from one of my websites, my profile galleries, blogs, instagram, twitter, or anywhere else, without respecting my wishes, they are breaking laws, breaking rules, and opening themselves up to civil legal action.

I don't actually mind people uploading, reuploading, posting my photos, people like my work and want to show it off, but there are some rules that must be followed. If they are not I will be taking action:

  1. You must not alter, process, crop, or in any other way change the photo.
  2. You must credit me as the photographer and copyright owner (and when relevant, credit me as the rope bondage artist).
  3. While I make up and invent a lot of rope bondage ties, I don't claim them as my own. I could and probably should, but firstly it's entirely possible for someone else to invent exactly the same thing, and secondly, people want to try the ties themselves, and upload photos of them, and I encourage that. However, if you have copied a tie directly from one of my photos or video I expect you to credit me for the tie, after all it's only polite.
  4. You absolutely must not, in any way, by statement or omission, imply that you had any involvement in the photo (or the tie).
  5. This is to directly tackle the problem of people uploading my work and saying 'I'm a great rigger/photographer, come and get naked for me', that's damn dangerous.
  6. I only allow my photos to be shown, reposted, etc. by individuals running non-commercial, non-business accounts/profiles.
  7. I will consider permissions for commercial use, each case will be judged on its merit, and there will be a fee.

If you are the model in the photo, you may use the photos for commercial use to advertise and promote yourself as a model only. Credit as above.

If you are the photographer and I created the rope bondage in your photo, credit me as the rope bondage artist under the 'stylist' category.

My Name is Mark Varley, my brand is Beautiful Bondage (BeautifulBondage,, BeautifulBondageUK) and I have been actively using these since 2004.

People have always uploaded, reuploaded, etc. my photos, because they like them and people like to share or express themselves by doing so. What I expect is that their love of an image includes a respect for the person who created it. I have systems that actively check for unauthorised use of images and there are a great many people who know me who also directly report use of my images, both publicly or shared privately by people who are lying about their abilities. You will most likely be caught.

These days all of my photos have both my logo in the bottom corner, and the relevant website address accross the middle ( or, some of my older photos didn't have anything accross the middle because it defaces the photo, but it has become necessary unfortunately.

I personally upload my photos in many  places, and many of my models do also, but if you see one of my photos being used somewhere and you're unsure if it's permitted then just drop me an email with a link to the photo, I don't mind dealing with some false-positives, and I usually give people the benefit of the doubt on first-contact, but iunfortunately I have to actively defend my right to my own images.

Photography is my job, it's the primary way I pay my bills, pay my rent, buy food, etc. misuse of my photos eats-into that, maybe a little, sometimes a lot, and no-one gets rich doing what I do.

My Bondage work is a second-job, it does not add-up to me making anywhere near even minimum wage. I am a disabled military veteran doing my best to get by, creating beautiful images that I largely share with the world, in the hope it leads to enough interest and custom to enable me to live. A little respect goes a very long way, and it keeps people safe, misuse of my kind of photos can lead to people being in very real danger.