A big part of my photography involves working on specific projects which are usually published as books, more information about each is below,
if you'd like to purchase any of my books you can see my Bondage books Here and non-bondage here.

Neon Bondage
This book was inspired by the art of neon signmaking combined with both Eastern and Western rope bondage styles.
In partnership with my muse, the artistic nude and bondage model Pinkerbell, we used electroluminescent wire to create these unique and eye-catching photographs, shooting between 2013 & 2017 this project is finally complete.
EL wire proved to be very challenging to work with, behaving nothing like the rope we are familiar with. This required us to completely rethink the way the bondage ties are designed and how they are applied to the body.
This proved to be a very long and challenging project, but also a very exciting and satisfying one. Every photo in this collection features real bondage achieved using the EL wire with no faking or trickery during shooting or editing, apart from some colour shifting. 
104 pages - 8x8in square format.

Boys in Bondage
The second in a trilogy of Bodyparts Bondage books
Serving as both a photographic study and an inspiration for anyone who likes to tie their own or someone else's boy-parts.
This book was more challenging than the first as I have much less experience with this and I struggled to find any inspiring images anywhere online, so I spent many hours coming up with ideas.
64 pages - 8x8in square format

Boobs in Bondage
The first in a trilogy of Bodyparts Bondage books.
Serving as both a photographic study and an inspiration for anyone who likes to tie boobs, working with a range of women of all shapes and sizes I explored the many ways to tie boobs, resulting in a unique body of work
134 pages - 8x8in square format