Bondage modelling can mean one of two things, to complicate matters further I'm going to make it one of four things:

  1. Photo/Video Bondage Model (commercial).
  2. I-Want-Photos-Of-Me-Tied-Up Bondage Model (for personal use).
  3. Bondage Practice Model.
  4. Person-who-gets-tied-up aka Bondage Bottom.
For the first-type, you've landed on the right page straight away.
For the second type you should see my Photography page where you can find out about getting photos of yourself taken by me.
For Bondage Practice Model you should see my Experience page.
Which is also the place to go for the fourth type.

So, for people who describe themselves as models or want to be models in-front of a camera, in rope:

If you are here hoping to find your next paid modelling job then you are unlikely to find it here, when I do have paid work available I tend to give it to models I already have a working relationship with, most of the time when I work with a model it's on a TFp plus Profit Share Basis, this means in exchange for your time as a model you receive all of the finished photos from the shoot for your own personal and self-promotion use, which is exactly what I get out of the shoot too, models hwo are hoping to get more work in the Bondage genre always benefit from having my work on their portfolio, in addition to that there is a Profit Share agreement, bondage photography is not just a passion of mine, it's my job, and I have bills to pay, most shoots are for specific projects that will be published as books with accompanying print sales, and I share the profits with my models. That only applies to photography, the rope bondage instructional videos I make, which are published here on my website, on my youtube channel, and on fetlife, do not make me any money (if you have heard that people make a living by making youtube videos then yes, some do, but not these kinds of videos, not by a long way, I've made a couple of $USD in the first year) so there is nothing to share, but my models can also use the video in certain places and as many photographers who are getting into bondage watch my videos it's also good promotion.

So that's the business out of the way, heres a few FAQ's

  1. Q. I like the look of your bondage work but it looks painful.
    A. The honest answer is that it can be, if I was tying one of my submissives (not a model) and I was feeling particularly sadistic (and she was the kind of person who would enjoy it), I could make bondage very uncomfortable or physically stressful or outright painful, that would be deliberate and non-damaging pain. When I am working with models the bondage is not painful (no-one who knows what they are doing is likely to accidentally hurt you), it can be at worst uncomfortable but only in the way a corset could be, you do not have to endure pain to be a bondage model. However, this only applies to what I call 'floor work', which is normal bondage that does not involve some or all of your weight being taken by the ties on your body, that would step into semi-suspension or suspension, and that is always physically stressful, again it shouldn't be painful (as-in ow ow ow that hurts that feels bad make it stop ow! ow! ow!), it's more like (ths is quite hard work and it's left my shoulders achy I need to stretch and rest a minute before the next one).
  2. Q. The normal rule between models and photographers is no-touchy-touchy, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with a photographers hands all over my body.
    A. That is a good rule most of the time, a model is always in a vulnerable position, especially when naked, simply put there is no way around it, I need to touch your body, but it's a very different experience and if you've ever worked with a stylist who's helping you change outfits it's not so far removed from that, there are lots of little tricks and techniques I use to make it feel more professional than personal for the model, physical contact is minimised and only done when necessary, it's not done in a controlling or gropey manor, for example if I need to place a wrap of rope around the torso under a large breast I could grab the breat to lift it up, or cup it in my hand, but I use the back of the hand holding the rope to lift it as I place the rope, minimal and less personal, also when tying personally I will hold their body against mine so she can feel my control over her and if I need to access the other side of her I'll turn her around with a firm movement applied to the shoulders, all intended to exaggerate my controlo over her, but with a model I keep a distance between our bodies (and I usually stand slightly side-on so if she does bump into me she's getting the side of my hip instead of my crotch), and when I need to access the other side of her I either walk around or ask her to turn. Some of this may relax a little with a model I have worked with many times and feels very comfortable around me but I always keep it feeling very professional. In short, there are many little tricks and ways of doing things that I teach to couples to make their experience more interactive, more erotic, more controlling, and I tend to do the opposite when tying a model. See my Ways of Tying video for an insight.
  3. Q. Bondage is a fetish, the people doing it, it's usually their fetish, are you getting-off on tying models up for shoots?
    A. Again a brutally honest answer, bondage is something that does it for me, it's how I got started when I was just 15, in my 20's I became more aware of rope bondage as an art in itself and started exploring that, my bondage activities split there though obviously ran parallel with a number of crossovers, now a couple of decades later and I've long since clearly separated the two in my mind (and I hope most others in my position are doing something similar).
    When I am tying up a sexual partner it's mostly about the interaction between us (see my Ways of Tying video), what I am doing and the way I am doig it is tapping-in to her submissive side and engaging my dominant side, which is arousing for us both and down that road is a sexual experience.
    When I am tying a model, for practice or for a shoot, there is no intimate interaction, there is no power exchange (you could argue that simply by allowing yourself to be tied you have given up some control and have submitted, I don't see it that way but if you do then the application of that is that you are trusting me to not take advantage of your vulnerability in that situation, which I never do), and without that there is no chance of any arousal on my part, simly tying somone in this way is nowhere near enough to 'do it' for me.
  4. Q. If you're not 'getting-off' on doing it then why are you doing it, what's in it for you?
    A. As mentioned above, my interest in rope effectively split a couple of decades ago, I enjoy it for the power exchange in a sexual scenario and I enjoy it for the beauty of the art of it, as a model that is what you'll be to me, a beautiful body to decorate beautifully in ropes to make beautiful photographs.
  5. Q. What if it's a sexual experience for me (as a model, for a shoot)?
    A. short answer, so what?
    A. Long answer, I wouldn't be surprised if I was correct in saying that everyone I have ever tied up for any reason, work or play, has found it to be sexually arousing. I have tied a lot of people for their first time, including many models who wanted to try it because it looks pretty and have no personal interest (as far as they know) and many have been surprised (and often embarrassed) by their bodys reaction, sometimes without the mind following but their mind can suddenly find itself 'there' also. Especially for someone with a sexually submissive side it's normal and expected for their body to react to the vulnerability and loss of control inherent with being restrained with ropes, and even someone who isn't sexually submissive could well react to the attention and activity focussed on their body. So one at a time, body then mind, I know a body can react this way and probably will, cocks will stiffen (a male model, not mine!), cunts will moisten, ropes running between the legs may well be damp when removed, it's ok, it doesn't matter, I deal with it all of the time, I know it's not because I'm gorgeous and you fancy the pants off me and want to fuck, it's just a physical reaction, acknowledge it, accept it and continue working, it's really not a big deal. It's also fairly common for a model to clearly become aroused mentally/emotionally also, this is trickier to handle as they may just find themselves in a 'horny' mindset, if I notice it or receive any advances from a model in this circumstance I always politely make light of it and gently point-out that the 'ropes had a reaction' on her, which is enough to help her realise whats what and we can take a short break then get back to work. 
    Obviously as a model you know that there are some photographers you need to watch-out for, and when you are being tied up you are incredibly vulnerable and should make sure you are in safe hands, and also know that your arousal won't be taken advantage of, even if you offer/ask for/suggest other activities. If a model finds she really enjoys being tied up and wants to explore more personally either with her partner or with others, I'm always happy to give advice and guidance, I regularly mentor people as they explore BDSM (something I do for free) as well as teach people bondage 1-2-1 (which is a professional service but models and their partners (who've modelled for me) get a discount on that), as well as getting a discount on any ropes they would like to buy from my store on this site.
That covers some more frequently asked questions, I'll add more to this page in the future, consider it a work in progress at the moment.

If you are interested in modelling for me you can contact me through this site (I will need to know what you look like) or if you have a modelling portfolio on one of the usual sites you can contact me through there, I use Purpleport mostly but I'm also on Purestorm, Model Mayhem, Madcow, and probably everywhere else that I've not updated in forever, my FetLife profile is also a personal/work mix and you can cotact me there too if you prefer.