About Us

My name is Mark Varley, and this is my Bondage website.

BeautifulBondage.net is a UK small business, shipping our carefully selected products worldwide every week. Our other services are only available in the UK at this time (but this is open to negotiation).

I'm a 40-year-old British guy who, at the age of 15, started tying people up for fun. I started taking it much more seriously in 1994 after I saw an Japanese all Shibari magazine in an 'adult-store' (I was 18 and in Germany, sooo much porn!). I became hooked on it as an art form from that moment rather than just a method to stop girls running away.

Fast forward a decade later and now a full time photographer, I started incorporating simple rope bondage into my Artistic Nude and Figure Nude images, as a way of adding variation in textures and lines to my work. This proved to be very popular and due to demand I started teaching people how to re-create what they saw in my photos. Professionally my focus moved more towards to bondage-specific photography.

In 2006 I published my first book, in partnership with my photographic assistant, a combination of artistic bondage photography and a how-to guide. Whilst it didn't really measure-up in either category it spread my work to a wider audience. The following year I released a book focussing solely on Bondage Photography, 'London Bound', which proved popular and critically well received. Around the same time my tuition classes had also become more popular and I was also starting to rig bondage for other photographers and videographers. My main work was still as an Artistic Nude and Figure Nude Photographer, although my time was approaching a 50/50 split.

In 2009 I worked on a sequel Photography book 'London ReBound'. By now I had firmly established myself as not just a Bondage Photographer, but also one of leading rope-bondage artists. 

After years of people asking me where I got my rope from, and how they could buy some, in 2011 I took the time to rebuild my website with a proper storefront. BeautifulBondage.net is essentially just me however, I regularly work closely with several people on various aspects of it. I do most of the admin and all of the photography and tuition. A couple of models I'm close to provide professional and artistic criticism, as well as helping with tuition when we need someone with boobs to tie up.

At present the majority of my time is spent working on Bondage-related activity instead of purely Photography. I still regularly photograph clients as well as working on my own projects, but at least 60% of my time is managing the BeautifulBondage.net store, Tuition and Rigging bondage for others.

Here is a more detailed list of what BeautifulBondage.net does, in no particular  order:

This site is entirely about the professional-me, if you are interested in me socially I can be found on various sites on-line where you might expect to find me, such as FetLife so you can find out more about me personally there. I've been told by a couple of people recently that I'm a bit intimidating to approach, particularly for a young or inexperienced submissive, as apparently I appear to be some kind of kinky gargantuan. Don't be afraid, feel free to contact me if you feel inclined, I'm always happy to chat or offer advice.

Here are a few photos of me for those that are really nosey...