Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: You're sh!t is private, don't sweat it.

  • All customer information is stored securely within the site, the only information taken and stored by us are name, address, email address, telephone number, items ordered, so we know what to send where.
  • We keep a database of tuition and rigging clients to keep track of what we've done with who, when and where, mostly so we know what's involved with working with a particular client again and to track progress for tuition clients, it's all super-private though, theres passwords and stuff.
  • No financial information is stored by us, Paypal deals with all of that for us, entirely separately and securely, with super dooper security gizmo's and suchlike.
  • No information we store will ever be passed to any 3rd party, we keep your information solely to manage you as a customer or client, we leave the farming of user data to microsoft and google, the're watching you!
  • Any and all information or images shared with us through private communication will always remain private, even the very fact that you have contacted us would be confidential should anyone ever ask (with the obvious sole exception of verifying tuition or assessment clients with their prospective rope-bottoms and only then with specific permission).
  • The models you see in any photo or video produced by us has given permission for publication, all of our photos and videos are produced in formal photoshoots with amateur or professional models, where they are not identified they have opted to be anonymous, so we won't identify them to you if you ask, even if you think it was your girlfriend, nope, private see. (and they were over 18 at the time and all of that legal waffle).
That ought to do it, I hate writing this waffle, I need to go and tie someone up to feel normal again....