Model for us

Our main info page for models is here, if you are specifically interested in being in a video, read on..

I am always looking for new and interesting models to work with, for videos I specifically need variety in order to demonstrate ties that can only be done on certain body types and/or how to do ties normally used on certain body types on others, this along with a love of variety means I am happy to hear from men and women, young and old, large and small, to consider for a video shoot.

Modelling for an instructional video can be done anonymously (in fact it usually is) and is done at 'Lingerie' levels, which means you will normally be wearing something to cover breasts and both male and female genitals, while not normally preferred for bondage this allows my videos to be more widely viewed by people, which is the whole point.
Instructional video shoots are normally accompanied by a photoshoot at Nude level to take some more artistic photos of the ties demonstrated, which will be both censored for use in the video and used uncensored separately.

My instructional videoes will always be free to view, even though payment is required to access them in some places (for example FetLife requires paid membership (supporter) to view videos), they will always be free to view right here on my website and are also uploaded to YouTube and Vidme currently, possibly elsewhere in future.

In return for modelling for a video you will be able to use the accompanying photos in your galleries, profiles, etc for personal non-profit use (including professional self-promotion if you're a model), and you'll also be credited if you choose to be identified.

You don't need any experience as a model nor any experience being tied (it's fairly easy, you just kinda stand there, moving when told to).
You do need to be over 18 years old and ideally live in the UK because you'll have to get yourself to me (Cambridgeshire, UK, PE27) for a shoot of at least an hour.

To apply send me an email, if you have a model portfolio or fetlife gallery which clearly shows your body then include a link to it, otherwise a simple clear 3/4 length nude photo that clearly shows the shape of your body should be included. I will need to see ID when we shoot that confirms your name and age (I am legally required to know who I'm photographing) and signing a standard model release form is necessary.