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I have found that I am very often asked how certain ties in my bondage photos were done and I always take the time to explain them, often several times, also I am often asked if I make instructional videos, particularly by people who are too far away to come for some tuition, so I have decided that we are going to start making videos and share them on youtube where they are freely accessible.

The YouTube Channel is Here, if you are a supporter on Fetlife, you can see our videos Here, & we are also uploading what we can to Vidme.

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Basic Chest Harness

This basic chest harness is the tie I most often teach to
complete beginners and the one I use most often myself.
Fixed Karada

This Karada variation holds in place as you tie it.
Ways of Tying

An introduction to tying 'personally' (an intimate partner)
Vs 'professionally' (such as a model for a shoot).
Decorative Chest Weave

A decorative weave-type tie for the chest.
Decorative Crotchrope Weave

A decorative weave-type tie for the pelvis.
Cupcake Breast Tie

A decorative tie for larger breasts.
Triple Karada

A Karada variant using three columns of knots instead of one.
No-Knot Karada

A Karada variant using no knots.
Booty Bondage

Booty Bondage designed and self-tied by Angel666sub
Mermaid Tie

Mermaid Tie designed and self-tied by Angel666sub
Hot Cross Boobs

Adding vertical and horizontal lines to a chest tie.
Somerville Bowline

As a Single & Double Column Tie.

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