Photography is a huge part of what I do.

My Photography Hobby became my full-time work around the same time as my Bondage Hobby also became part of my business (2004/5).

While I'm best known as a Bondage Photographer, for obvious reasons, I also work in Fine-Art Nude, Artistic Nude, Figure Nude and Erotica Genres, plus occasional general Fetish and BDSM, all of my professional work is within these genres.

My work is split between personal projects and commissions. Many projects are presented as photographic books, which are available through our store. I also have a range of prints which would look great on any wall, especially a dungeon or kinky bedroom.

As well as my own personal projects I also offer two kinds of commissions (this is where you could get involved):

  • Personal Commissions involve hiring me to take photos of you. These could be for personal or professional use but only within the above genres. Photography is a specialist creative field and I encourage you to seek a specialist for the photos you want. A selection of the best photos taken in a personal commission will be edited and delivered to you by the means you choose and will be exclusively used and controlled by you. I don't use them anywhere, not in portfolios or as examples of my work, it is entirely up to you who sees them. I really enjoy this work as the photos are so important to my client and really valued.
  • Private Commissions involve hiring me to take photos to your specification. Finding the required model(s) to create exactly what you want to see. It's popular for people who want to have their fantasies brought to 'visual' life in this way and I really enjoy the challenge of doing something new, including a range of fetishes (possibly 'any' fetish) in an artistic way.

If you are interested in being photographed by me please see my Modelling info page.

To enquire about Photography or ask any questions email

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