If you are interested in being tied for personal reasons, such as if you are aware that it's something you enjoy or you want to try it for a first time, read-on, if you are more interested in being in-front of a camera professionally look here instead, or privately look here.

I want to start by saying something to you, that nervous and slightly embarrassed & possibly ashamed person, who thinks they might like being tied up but are afraid of what that means. Here is what it doesn't mean, it doesn't mean you are a bad person, or a dirty or immoral person, nor are you a weak person or a victim, you are perfectly normal.

Now I'll open-up and share some personal information, I'm not proud of this, but I try not to be ashamed of it at the same time, I've 'known' a lot of women, I'm not going to quote numbers because it's not relevant and would sound boastful, almost all of these women have been of a submissive inclination sexually (being naturally dominant I tend to attract submissive women, so I'm not saying that all or even most women are submissive, that would be a dangerously stupid thing to say), and there are enough of them to safely say by numbers alone that a woman enjoying being dominated sexually is perfectly normal (even a surprising number of 'dominant' women I've met have privately asked to submit to me).

Perhaps it could be said that there is a simple fundamental reason for this as a species, back when life was more primative, a strong man was important, to provide for his children and keep them safe from the dangers of the world, and a strong and powerful man is less likely to ask timidly if it would be ok possibly please if it's not to much trouble to maybe have sex.

Now at this point the feminsts get upset, so this if for you feminists, I'm no misogynist, and most dominant men aren't either, I love and respect women, I have no interest in doing anything to a woman that she doesn't enjoy being done to her, when it comes to being a strong, self-aware and self-fulfilling woman, is it perhaps a good idea to understand what you enjoy, how you enjoy it, and if that involves sexual submission, then why should you not to that with someone who respects you for it? (hopefully the feminists will simmer-down now).

Even among women who enjoy being sexually submissive, there is an infinite variety there, at one extreme there is an approach to bondage and sex where the person being tied is almost worshipped, the attention given to her body as the ropes are applied, and she's restrained in ways designed to make her more and more aroused, leading to more prolongued and 'fulfilling' sexual attention, to the other end of the scale which might involve acting-out a rape fantasy and enjoying filthy degrading sex by being 'forced' and restrained thus removing any guilt about enjoying being a dirty little slut, and all manner of things in between.

While I've been talking about women submitting to men, it's equally normal for women to submit to women, men to men, men to women, and it doesn't necessarily imply anything about your sexuality based on who you enjoy submitting to, I've tied gay women who are firmly and unwaveringly gay, and also straight men, while it's common for men to deny bisexual inclinations, many I've tied were firmly straight as there was no sexual aspect.

So, non-sexual bondage? it happens, it's a thing, you might call it 'bondage-therapy' (and I just might call it that), bondage does and can do many things to the body and mind, it can certainly arouse it sexually, and there are things that can be done to make more of that, but it also forces you to stop, stop talking, stop moving, stop thinking, it's like a medatation, to make the most of that I might use a blindfold (and perhaps a gag), I tie slowly and deliberately, I take control but not forcefully, the only stimulus is the rope being applied to the body, it makes you feel your body and center into yourself. While I typically have done this with people who are already open to submitting, I have tied people for this who don't otherwise submit. I've also used it as an intimate trust-building exercise for some people.

So, you are already here because you are interested in being tied up, maybe you have been tied before, maybe you haven't, maybe you've had sexual fantasies for years involveing being restrained and helpless, maybe even raped, or perhaps the sensuality of it appeals to you, or the negating of guilt in a sexual situation, or perhaps it's a more medative interest, forcing your mind to center on your body and slow down into the moment, or perhaps you have watched or read some of the fifty-shades series and something awoke inside you, whatever the reason you are here, I can probably help.

When someone is interested in learning how to tie, we can teach them to tie and they can learn from books and our videos, but what happens when someone is interested in being tied?

Finding someone to tie you up can be challenging, where do you even start looking? you need to find someone who is skilled and experienced as well as being trustworthy, being tied up is a very vulnerable thing to do, you are deliberately making yourself helpless and vulnerable, that is part of the attraction for most people, but you need to feel safe doing that.

There are a lot of websites for meeting kinky people, you can read profiles and chat online, we recommend meeting people somewhere neutral and public first to see if they feel right as well as speaking to people they have tied before. For people we have taught bondage to we can, with their permission, verify that we have taught them and how many hours of tuition they have received and we are now offering an assessment service so we can at least vouch for a persons bondage ability (it's no guarantee, but it's something), remember to discuss just what will and will not happen when you are being tied by someone and discuss safewords, and don't forget to tell someone where you are going and what to do if you are not back when expected.

That still sounds like a risky way of being tied up doesn't it? That's where this service comes-in.

This website is owned and run by Mark Varley, that is his real name, you can take that to google and have a poke around if you like (there are other Mark Varley's out there though!).
I started tying people up around 1991, when I was just 15, and started taking it seriously about three years later, now it's over 25 years later and I have no idea how many people I have tied up, I started both teaching and tying professionally in 2005 after deciding to bring my interest out of the bedroom and I can't think of many people with as much experience as me, and that is experience with a wide range of people tying in different ways for different reasons in different places, I've tied men and women of all ages, for sex and for fun and for art.

If you are interested in experiencing being tied up, for any reason, especially if you have never tried it before, I am just about as safe as it is possible to be. You can come to me (my home address is public record) or I can come to you, you can experience being tied in a variety of ways for a few moments to a few hours, knowing that nothing else will be done to you and any problems we may encounter will be dealt with properly and promptly. If you have a partner, perhaps who has no confidence in tying you, they are welcome to attend and/or be involved, if you are alone then a partner or friend should know exactly where you are. 

I am used to tying different people, I am usually tying a new person two or three times per week, usually just for photography but also for a range of other reasons, it's really not a big deal to me and I have no great expectation beyond providing a professional service and helping people. I think everyone should be able to experience whatever they want to if it harms no-one else, and they have a right to be safe whilst doing that, I always take the time to educate people who are new to being tied with some more tips, as above, to keep them safe, using a professional is one of the surest ways to be safe. I even help people who have had negative experiences that make it difficult for them to be comfortable in a vulnerable situation, my main motivation is helping people.

I'm also a professional dominant, mainly centred around my bondage skills, so if you have a particular fantasy or need related to bondage then I am open to discussing it and helping you make it real.

Although most of the people I tie are female models, you don't have to be a model or female, I will consider tying anyone, with a few conditions:

  • You must be 18 years or over, and I will ask for proof I'm not sure (if you are younger than 18, I am happy to talk to you about your interests and advise you).
  • I must feel that no medical or psychological conditions put you at undue risk, and you must disclose any relevant conditions.
  • I must feel that you understand what will happen to you and what it means.
  • Even an owned slave living entirely under the control of a Master or Mistress and told by them to come and be tied by me, must consent to me directly and in person.
This is a professional service and there will be a fee, this varies depending on just what you require and any costs (I am based in Cambridgeshire but can travel). Instead of quoting a price list I encourage you to contact me and discuss your individual circumstances. Mark@BeautifulBondage.net any and all information shared with me is strictly confidential, I have worked with people in sensitive situations / occupations and I know my way around discretion and privacy.

Getting tied up FAQ:

  • Is Bondage safe?
    Short answer, yes, long answer, is crossing the road safe? if you had never crossed a road before, you'd do it with someone who'd done it a thousand times, someone to literally hold your hand, the same applies here. There are risks, but unless you are being suspended, which I only do with someone who asks for it and is physically suitable, the risks are incredibly low. I will need to ask you some medical questions and I do need you to answer them honestly, answering 'yes' to any doesn't mean I can't/won't tie you necessarily.
  • Do I have to have sex with you?
    Of course not, bondage is bondage, that is literally all it needs to be.
  • A lot of the things I see being done to people in porn once they're tied up looks painful and scary!
    It's supposed to, if you don't want that then don't ask for it and it won't happen, if you do want that, whatever 'that' is, then feel free to ask about it and we'll discuss it.
  • I've never been tied up before and I'm shy/nervous.
    Of course you are, you are vulnerable when tied-up, doing that for the first time ever with a stranger should make you nervous! we go at your pace, I've been doing this for a very long time and I'm very good at helping people feel safe and relaxed. We don't jump-in to it right away, we can pause or stop at any point, it's ok to back-out completely.
  • Do I have to send you photos of myself?
    If you've asked me to photograph you then yes, it's useful to know in advance what you look like, otherwise no, it's not necessary at all.
  • You're a photographer, but I don't want any photos of me anywhere ever.
    If you come to me as a model, having discussed being photographed/filmed, that's when the camera comes out, if you've come to me just to be tied up, I'll take photos privately for you if you ask me to but otherwise no photos.
    Discretion and privacy are very important to me, while I'm very open and public about myself I know a lot of people don't want to or can't do the same. I have tied a number of people who need complete privacy and discretion, some are well known, others have sensitive occupations, some are hiding their inclinations from a partner. I never discuss the people I tie with others, I never even acknowlage I know someone I only know for that reason, to others.
  • I'm really fat / really skinny / really unfit / have medical conditions / am disabled, can you still tie me up?
    While being fit and healthy, especially flexible with core strength, would make you a better bondage model who'd enjoy it more, I will consider tying anyone.
    I've tied a few seriously disabled people, including being literally unable to move, there are a few things to be taken into account for really overweight or seriously underweight people, and different medical conditions and disabilities need to be assessed on an individual basis. I will consider anyone, and I will work hard to manage risks and work around issues. I've even suspended a girl who was significantly heavier than me, and I'm 110kg.

To enquire about being tied or ask any questions email Mark@BeautifulBondage.net

To share this information page with someone you can use the shorter link www.BeautifulBondage.net/Experience