We offer a rigging-service to Photographers and Videographers for a range of purposes (click here if you are looking for a personal service).

Rope Bondage Photography has become very popular over the last decade, however it takes a long time to reach a level of proficiency required for high-quality ropework for photography and videography, so as well as tuition tailored to photographers we also offer a rigging service.

  • We can tie a range of styles from western-decorative to traditional Japanese rope bondage.
  • Our experience in photography means we understand your requirements, we know what looks good and what works.
  • We can take-care of your model and all of the bondage so you can concentrate on your photography.
  • Our experience in this service covers fashion and artistic through to professional bondage -based pornography.
  • We are happy to work with amateurs or professionals.
  • Working in studios, indoor and outdoor locations, specialising in suspensions in derelict locations too.
You may find it difficult to find a model who is willing to do bondage with a photographer inexperienced in that field, for a range of reasons it can be very dangerous from their point-of-view, we bring specialist experience to your shoot so your model feels in very safe hands, this enables us to get the very best from every model in every shoot. Although bondage on women is by far the most popular we also tie men.

We can also help you find models, we've worked with a lot of models over the years and we know who are good for bondage and who are more suited to gentler genres (bondage modelling is a specialist area).

Mark is our main rigger and will be the one tying for you, he's been tying since 1991 and professionally since 2005. A background in artistic photography specialising in Bondage since 2005 makes him the single best choice for bondage for this purposes. Based in Cambridgeshire UK and available anywhere with the appropriate notice and budget, most commonly working around central and southern UK.

Our fees depend on each job, and every job is unique, but the first question anyone asks is 'how much' so a guide is £35ph for personal shoots and £80ph for commercial shoots. Rates vary (up and down) for shoots for different genres/styles, number of models, number of photographers, location type, travel-distance to location, etc.

Contact us through the site or through our Purpleport 'Stylist' portfolio.