Contact Information

As well as our Contact Form you can contact us in a variety of ways:

  • SMS: +44 784 678 2688 (also WhatsApp & Viber)
  • Please note, we don't take calls when we're teaching or shooting, the fastest way to contact us is via SMS.

Please keep in mind that we get a lot of messages (seriously, often it's just me here, and some days all I do is answer messages, all day) but we're always happy to hear from you, if you're a customer or client you're first priority, someone looking for specific help or advice will be next in line (try to include as much information and some photos if helpful for whatever you're asking advice on in your initial message as it may be possible to help you with a single reply instead of a long conversation), someone with feedback about our work (constructive feedback) wil be seen-to next, then those many messages saying 'I love your work' always get a reply too (if you've recreated a tie from our videos or photos we'd love to see it by the way). Generally you'll get a reply within a day or so as I check messages at the beginning of each day usually, but not every day is usual, if you don't hear anything in a week something's up, maybe a spam filter slapped you down, try a more direct method. But please take a moment to look for the answer yourself, I get sooo many messages on our videos asking something that is answered early in the video, and usually in the accompanying information, if the answer is obvious you won't get a reply (on youtube such a comment won't even be allowed to post).

When contacting us please include some relevant information about your enquiry,
if you are enquiring about a pending or past order please include your order number and your name (please note that for privacy reasons we will only discuss the details of your order if you contact us using the email address or phone number that was given when you placed your order),
if you are a past tuition or assessment client please include your name and the date of your last tuition,
or some information about which product or service you'e enquiring about.
Starting a conversation with 'HI' via WhatsApp or similar, then hoping for a reply will not get a response as we have hopeful potential suppliers as well as several flavours of crank contacting us all of the time so we ignore messages without substance, Ain't nobody gotime for that.